How to find competition information
Posted on Thu 16 Feb 2023

I am aware that several members, both old and new, have wondered where to find competition information on the website. Members should login to find out below.

reports of Tynemouth visit, newcomers and knockout competitions
Posted on Fri 25 Nov 2022

On 15th November Tynemouth Photographic Society “visited” us at Gosforth with exciting presentations of their work. These exchanges are great fun and we are due to return the favour in March (Thursday 16th). We will have to pull our socks up to match them.

Sadly our pub-home was still...

urgent message and short reports for meetings held 18oct22 to 08nov22
Posted on Mon 14 Nov 2022

First an urgent message which you will also receive by email: the meeting on 15th November will be ZOOM ONLY(unexpected delays with work in the Duke of Wellington mean that we cannot use the room tomorrow).

To my regret I had to miss...

first digital image competition 11th October
Posted on Fri 14 Oct 2022

Tuesday 11th saw our first competition night of the season; and open competition of digital images. Tony Broom came to the Duke of Wellington to judge to an audience spread half and half between the pub and on zoom. Tony gave helpful and individual comments on 58 images with a vast spread...

Nick's journey from Hell and Kamran's winning image
Posted on Wed 5 Oct 2022

Last night (04th October) we were entertained by Nick and Kamran, who had volunteered at short notice into an unavoidable programme change. 

Nick regaled a trip into the north of Scandinavia, starting in Norway, in a town called Hell, driving to the arctic circle in sweden,...

Derek Michalski: Long Exposures
Posted on Wed 28 Sep 2022

On Tuesday 27th we were addressed by Derek Michalski. Derek is originally Polish but has lived in London for a couple of decades now. He used to run a long exposure photography website ( but that has been discontinued.

Derek showed us...

David Garthwaite: Fine Art photography, a workflow
Posted on Thu 22 Sep 2022

On Tuesday 20th we were addressed by David Garthwaite, speaking from Yorkshire via zoom to an audience of about 50 of us, spread half and half between the Duke of Wellington and on zoom.

David’s talk was titled “Fine art; a workflow”. David’s images are indeed that: fine art. He...

MC2 Photography: YouTube behind the scenes
Posted on Sat 17 Sep 2022

On Tuesday 13th September Ruth and Marcus from photography on-line ( presented to us via zoom. The majority of us attended in person at the Duke of Wellington and shared the talk from the screen – a dozen or so more attended on zoom.

The presentation was an...

Idse Herrema - Why photograph anything
Posted on Thu 8 Sep 2022

On Tuesday we kicked off the new season with our President’s address. This was entitled, Why Photograph Anything? Idse presented an informative and entertaining talk, which can be summed up as "take photographs because you enjoy them and look for beauty in the image".

As members appreciate...

The second half of 2022 summer school
Posted on Thu 25 Aug 2022

Summer school continued on 26th July with John Gravett’s talk about “creative” photography delivered over zoom and on screen in the pub. John demonstrated a series of techniques with polarisation and diffraction of light, using water and DVD discs, coloured straws with light and photoshop ‘...

President's Talk - Japan Travelogue Part 2
Posted on Wed 8 Sep 2021

Harry kicked off the 2021-2022 Club season on Tuesday with Part 2 of his Japan Travelogue: after the excellence of his Part 1 in April we were expecting a super evening and that was certainly what we got. He reminded us of the route they’d taken with a review of his interactive map, then in the...

Sally Sallett - 'Never Underestimate an Old Lady with a Camera'
Posted on Tue 6 Jul 2021

Sally’s welcome return to the club last Tuesday was another benficial result of Zoom meetings enabling us to invite speakers who are not local to the Northeast. This time, she was able  to present some of her own work rather than judging ours, and her talk enthralled an appreciative...

Catherine Knee: "Reality is Overrated"
Posted on Tue 8 Jun 2021

This week, both our President (Harry) and Vice-President (Idse) were away, so it fell to me as Immediate Past President to host our Zoom meeting. It wasn’t entirely straightforward – I started the meeting in very good time and Mary joined in so we were happily chatting when it dawned on us that...

Harry's Travelogue in Japan - Part 1
Posted on Wed 14 Apr 2021

Yesterday we had Part 1 of Harry’s Japan adventures: we all had high expectations as we know how well he does these travelogues and we certainly weren’t disappointed. In spite of travelling with his wife Linda and 2 other couples (including our own Dave Collins, who chipped in with pithy...

Members Night
Posted on Thu 8 Apr 2021

Last Tuesday we had a member’s night where anyone could contribute, showing and explaining images on any subject. As usual, Maggi had assembled an eclectic list of members and subjects.

First off was Idse with a Pecha Kucha presentation on cloud types and skies. I never knew there was so...

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The triptych competition, judged by Maybeth Jamieson CAPGB
Posted on Fri 2 Apr 2021

On Tuesday 30th March we had Maybeth Jamieson CPAGB judge our inaugural triptych competition. Maybeth is an extremely accomplished photographer and a long standing member of Dumfries Camera Club, nevertheless, she confessed she approached this judging with some trepidation. Because this was the...

David Cottrell masterclass on travel photography
Posted on Wed 24 Mar 2021

On 23rd March David took us on a photograpy trip to China - and what a trip. We were treated to a hugely varied range of images, all excellent in quality. There was culture, street photography, history, magnificent scenery, temples and markets and we were taught about the terracotta...

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Sally Sallett judges our set subject competition
Posted on Thu 18 Mar 2021

On Tuesday 16th March we held our set subject competition. The subject was reflection - we share this set subject with Beaufort Camera Club in South Carolina, and and the top images will be judged (in the future) by the partner club’s members respectively, and those judgements shared on a...

Andrew S Gray ICM My camera as my Brush
Posted on Thu 11 Mar 2021

On Tuesday 9th March we had a talk by Andrew S Gray on "ICM, my camera as a brush". Andrew is a Northumberland based photographer who specialises in intentional camera movement to produce fine art images which are capable of multiple interpretations. Andrew's camera movement while taking the...

Glenn Bartley talks on Bird Photography simplified
Posted on Thu 4 Mar 2021

On Tuesday 2nd March we had Glenn Bartley giving a talk on "Bird Photography simplified". Glenn is a world renown Canadian photographer and he was speaking to us from Vancouver Island.

Glenn's talk wasn't really a canter through his portfolio with some explanatory tips, rather it was...

Catherine Knee judges our 2nd print competition
Posted on Thu 25 Feb 2021

On Tuesday 23rd February we had our second print competition judged by Catherine Knee LRPS. Catherine only took up photography in 2013 and has begun exhibiting in international and national salons with quite some success. Her main interests in photography are Fine Art Nude, Portraiture and...

Arjun Nambiar on working on projects and developing a style.
Posted on Wed 17 Feb 2021

On February the 9th, Arjun presented on "working in projects and developing a style".

As usual with Arjun it was impeccably researched, full of detail, and thoughtfully presented. There was plenty of debate as we went through the evening with lots of members engaged and offering different...

Pecha Kucha
Posted on Wed 17 Feb 2021

On 16th February we had our annual Pecha Kucha night. This is a series of members presenting 20 slides, accompanied by a talk of exactly 20 seconds per slide. So 6 minutes and 40 seconds, easy isn't it. Well of course it's not that easy as 20 seconds is either far too short, or far too long, for...

Malcolm Blenkey judges our third DPI competition
Posted on Wed 3 Feb 2021

On Tuesday 2nd February we had Malcolm Blenkey of Saltburn Photographic Society judging our third round of the PDI competition. Malcolm is a long standing member of Saltburn, an associate of the RPS, is an accomplished landscape photographer and has had a number of images commended in the...

Ray Cole memorial Lecture. Chris Ceaser talks on "Venice"
Posted on Thu 28 Jan 2021

On Tuesday 26th January we had the annual Ray Cole Memorial lecture given by Chris Ceaser. Chris is a renown photographer with a gallery in York, who runs photo-workshops to many destinations. Our talk today was on Venice.

Chris structured the talk around Venice through the ages and he...

Mono prints competition results
Posted on Wed 20 Jan 2021

On Tuesday 19th January we had the results of our first competition in 2021, the Mono Print 1, (although of course it was a PDI competition courtesy of Covid).

Our judge was John D Tillotson of Penrith Camera Club. John is a relatively new judge to our club although he's been a stalwart of...

Les forrester - The Art in Architecture
Posted on Thu 14 Jan 2021

Tuesday 12th January saw Les Forrester speak to us on “The Art in Architecture”. Connection problems meant that Les struggled for 15 minutes before being able to connect with us, but once connected, Les gave us a fascinating talk and some exceptional images.

The talk was structured into...

Ashley Franklin - Under a Tuscan Sky
Posted on Wed 6 Jan 2021

On Tuesday the 5th of January we restarted our season with a talk on Tuscany by Ashley Franklin. Ashley is a professional photographer based in Belper in Derbyshire, but he has a deep love of the Tuscan countryside and visits regularly. Using images and AV, Ashley walked us through his 6 visits...

Richard Spiers judges the set subject "Surreal"
Posted on Thu 10 Dec 2020

On Tuesday 8th December we had Richard Spiers judging our set subject for the year "Surreal". Richard was absolutely the right judge for this subject as he has a finely judged sense of what is surreal, and he often twins this with a surreal commentary.


With 40 plus entries...

David Southern speaks on Close to Home
Posted on Wed 2 Dec 2020

On Tuesday 1st December David Southern spoke to us on the subject of "close to home". David is a highly awarded photographer, mainly in landscapes, but also covering other genres as well. Originally from Surrey, David extensively photographed the Surrey Hills and Godalming areas, before deciding...

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The Newcomers and Knockout competitions
Posted on Wed 25 Nov 2020

Well, Tuesday night was a blast, wasn’t it? Almost anything which could have gone wrong, did go wrong, yet it was one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year. My internet service was down while Virgin made “service improvements” and when it didn’t come back up as promised, we had to  ...

Website unavailable Friday 20th November
Posted on Thu 19 Nov 2020

Hi everyone,

I've had the following email from Findlay Design, our website hosts, regarding a server update tomorrow.

This means that if you want to upload anything for comps or galleries, then today would be best. It should only be unavailable for an hour or so, but sods law means...

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David Keep speaks on underwater photography
Posted on Wed 18 Nov 2020

On the 17th of November we had David Keep speaking to us. David is based in Chesterfield and is an award winning photographer in several genres. David was speaking to us on underwater photography. Astonishingly, although David had been a keen diver for over 25 years, he only took up underwater...

Keith Archer judges the first "print" competition of the year.
Posted on Wed 11 Nov 2020

On Tuesday 10th November we had Keith Archer of Ryton Camera Club judging our first “print” competition of the year. (The print competition was, of course, a digital competition for this year!).

Keith had a daunting task as he had 59 members attending and 71 images to judge. Immediately it...

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Canadian Rockies wth Alan and Pat Porrett
Posted on Wed 4 Nov 2020

Yesterday we had Alan and Pat Porrett of Whitley Bay Photographic Society giving us a talk on two trips they made through the Canadian Rockies. These trips were made in the spring of 2012 and the autumn of 2013 and were basically the same trip, so that it was very instructive to be able to see...

Image of the Year 2019 to 2020
Posted on Thu 29 Oct 2020

As you know we couldn't do our usual vote for Image of the Year during the last season as so many judgings were delayed due to the Covid situation. We finally got through all of them, and this meant we had all potential images available for viewing and voting.

Thanks to Peter Maquire for...

Graeme Clarke judges our Nature competition
Posted on Thu 29 Oct 2020

On 27th October we had Graeme Clarke judging our Nature competition. Graeme is a specialist Nature judge with a life long interest in the natural world, and this came to the fore as we presented him with the Herculean task of judging 88 images across a wide spectrum of natural scenarios. Graeme...

Beaufort shared Dereliction set subject
Posted on Thu 22 Oct 2020

On Tuesday 20th October we met via zoom to critique “dereliction” images sent from our sister club Beaufort in South Carolina. Beaufort’s Sandy Dimke joined us (another benefit of the zoom format) to witness, share and clarify any misunderstandings. Peter Maguire showed a compilation of Beaufort...

John Gravett judges our first online competition
Posted on Wed 14 Oct 2020

Last night, John Gravett, a favourite judge and speaker for us, judged the first of our competitions to be held online and using the new website. John had had some difficulty access the scoring system the previous day. Although this was quickly fixed, it did add a sort of nervousness to whether...

Bill Ward - In Search of
Posted on Wed 7 Oct 2020

On Tuesday 6th October we had Bill Ward giving an absolutely brilliant presentation. Bill spoke for almost 2 hours in total but had generated so much interest, he very kindly hung on for almost a further hour or so discussing his images and inspirations.

Bill is a very successful...

Guy Edwardes - Wildlife Photography
Posted on Wed 30 Sep 2020

On Tuesday 29th September we had a very welcome return by Guy Edwardes. Guy is a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Dorset but who holds trips and workshops country and worldwide. Earlier in the year Guy gave us a msterclass in landscape photography so we were pleased to get him back...

Joe Houghton - Street Photography
Posted on Tue 22 Sep 2020

Tonight we had an excellent talk by Dublin based photographer Joe Houghton. Joe is an accomplished photographer over many genre, but has recently began to major on street photography. In a two hour talk Joe took us through how he got into this style of photography, the kit he uses, how he...

Competition page update
Posted on Fri 18 Sep 2020

There has been a slight hiccup in the competititon page for a day or so which was not accepting entries. This is now resolved.

Shields to Souter Lighthouse photo walk
Posted on Tue 15 Sep 2020

starting at Shields Metro station at 10.00, the walk goes from Shields to Souter Lighthouse and back, taking in Marsden Grotto and other places. You MUST register with Mark first so that we can accommodate the new Covid 19 rules.m 

Harry's still life studio
Posted on Wed 9 Sep 2020

A few people have asked if I can upload the video on my still life studio so that they can view it later. I'll record another version of the video, (without reference to Mary or my skirting board!), so that it's a bit shorter. I'll also try to incorporate some of the images I took using the...

North Shields Photo walk Wednesday September 2nd
Posted on Wed 2 Sep 2020

 Mark is organising another photo walk from North Shields fish quay on Wednesday Sptember 2nd. Meet  at Tynemouth metro station at 10.00. To follow Covid regulations you must be booked in with Mark first. Contact him to book your place.

North Shields photo walk 25th August 10.00
Posted on Fri 21 Aug 2020

 Mark is organising another photo walk from North Shields fish quay on Tuesday 25th August. Meet  at Tynemouth metro station at 10.00. To follow Covid regulations you must be booked in with Mark first. Contact him to book your place.

Photo walk
Posted on Tue 18 Aug 2020

Congratulations Mark, it seems from reports that today’s walk around Seaton Sluice was another success. Great stuff.