Joe Houghton - Street Photography

Date Published 
Tue 22 Sep 2020

Tonight we had an excellent talk by Dublin based photographer Joe Houghton. Joe is an accomplished photographer over many genre, but has recently began to major on street photography. In a two hour talk Joe took us through how he got into this style of photography, the kit he uses, how he overcame the reticence to approach people on the street, and how he has evolved his signature style of image. This has generally involved a square format and a "grungy" look to the image. Joe then took us through the processing of an image, from straight out of the camera, to lightroom processing, out to Nick Effects, and back to Lightroom, Finally Joe took us through several of the images in his book, "Sreets of Dublin", and shared the stories behind some of the images. Overall, a splendid night from and entertaining and accomplished presenter.