first digital image competition 11th October

Date Published 
Fri 14 Oct 2022

Tuesday 11th saw our first competition night of the season; and open competition of digital images. Tony Broom came to the Duke of Wellington to judge to an audience spread half and half between the pub and on zoom. Tony gave helpful and individual comments on 58 images with a vast spread of subjects.

Congratulations to Susan Tait whose “Take a moment to reflect” won on the night – a lovely image of a very pretty dog lying chin down on a reflective surface. Second was Ann McClure’s “Orchid Bird?” which was a cleverly seen close up of an orchid: the petals very suggestive of a bird’s head and beak (a pigeon to me – have another look for yourself though). Third came David Brown’s “Dipper”, in a typical dipped pose and undoubtedly moving very fast but caught sharply in rare good light.

With many individuals awarded commendations the night was an entertaining, fun and inspiring display of combined talent. The atmosphere in the pub was great with judge Tony feeding off the audible reactions in the room: so nice to meet face to face and have little individual comparison chats again.