Guy Edwardes - Wildlife Photography

Date Published 
Wed 30 Sep 2020

On Tuesday 29th September we had a very welcome return by Guy Edwardes. Guy is a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Dorset but who holds trips and workshops country and worldwide. Earlier in the year Guy gave us a msterclass in landscape photography so we were pleased to get him back for a wildlife session.

The first half of the show comprised mainly images taken in Costa Rica which Guy visits regularly due to the diversity of the wildlife. This consisted of some stunning images of frogs, insects, snakes etc. All were wonderfully lit and Guy spent some time explaining how they were artificiailly lit with up to 5 lights at any one time. Because he has worked there frequently, Guy can erect lights where insects or mammals are likely to turn up and so frame for the sort of lighting he wants. He did explain how he once used a reflecting pond and placed a strawberry poison dart frog alongside it. Better him than me!

The second half included a much more varied set of images, from African shots of predators to much insect life in the UK. During lockdown Guy has majored on macro photography and focus stacking of images, and he went through how he achieves this in some detail. Finally he took us through some images of slimy fungi and the techniques needed for such small growths to be captured. This involved using extenders and magnifyers on the front of the lens. Finally Guy identified some of the equipment he uses before a lively Q&A ended the night. Another excellent show from Guy, who can be followed on @guyedwardes.