Pecha Kucha

Date Published 
Wed 17 Feb 2021

On 16th February we had our annual Pecha Kucha night. This is a series of members presenting 20 slides, accompanied by a talk of exactly 20 seconds per slide. So 6 minutes and 40 seconds, easy isn't it. Well of course it's not that easy as 20 seconds is either far too short, or far too long, for what you want to say, and in the heat of the moment, rehearsed summaries can go completely out of your head. This is what makes Pecha Kucha such an enthralling night, as well as not having a clue as to what the presenters will unveil, as it's completely up to them.


Subjects ranged from a Covid demanded "One mile from my house"; a tour of Belfast; some fascinating cloud and light shots; early music concerts featuring the first appearance of Wings; and many others. Kamran slightly altered the format by showing several 20 second time lapse images but we allowed that, primarily because we didn't know he was going to do it!


Another great night and thanks are due to all of the intrepid presenters, Tim, Nick, John, Geoff, John, Kamran, Idse, Kenneth, Anne and Paul. Get thinking about next year's session, folks.