Sally Sallett judges our set subject competition

Date Published 
Thu 18 Mar 2021

On Tuesday 16th March we held our set subject competition. The subject was reflection - we share this set subject with Beaufort Camera Club in South Carolina, and and the top images will be judged (in the future) by the partner club’s members respectively, and those judgements shared on a feedback evening. Images had to be taken after 01st May 2020 with the intention that they are taken for this subject. Once again the maximum number submitted by each member had to be restricted to two, lest too many made the judging night unmanageable.
Our judge Sally is a multi award winning member of Wakefield Camera Club (ARPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE3*). Meeting via Zoom has opened our opportunities to speakers and judges from far afield, which has proved very healthy.
Sally did a great job, entertaining us with very insightful comments of each image. The range of work was large, and Sally astutely had to point out that refraction and shadows do not fit the reflection theme - several images had a combination of these subject to make it difficult. Sally used her expertise and taste to pass interesting comment on all images, making clear when that was technical, general composition and colour combination or personal taste.
Pleasingly the winners and commendeds came from a large number of individuals: Lesley Hughes’ “Dancing in the dark” won, President Harry’s “Reflections on my life” was second, and Mark Hunter’s “Don’t mix Water With Electricity” third. All top images were described as “clever” and “imaginative” - skills appreciated by Sally. Congratulations to all winners.
Sally then fielded comments and questions from us all, with open minded and frank spontaneous opinions bouncing around comfortably; a great evening.