President's Talk - Japan Travelogue Part 2

Date Published 
Wed 8 Sep 2021

Harry kicked off the 2021-2022 Club season on Tuesday with Part 2 of his Japan Travelogue: after the excellence of his Part 1 in April we were expecting a super evening and that was certainly what we got. He reminded us of the route they’d taken with a review of his interactive map, then in the space of a little over an hour and a half (which seemed like a much shorter time) he covered an amazing variety of subjects, including cities old and new as well as castles, gardens (with gorgeous autumn colours), elaborate train stations, shopping malls and landscapes (the photos of Mount Fuji were particularly stunning). Seeing the bullet trains (and hearing how the train staff bow on entering and leaving a carriage!) made us realise how inadequate our UK trains are by comparison. He amused us by showing us the “two best photos of the holiday” taken by a lady in his party who professes no real interest in photography.

Harry related a mass of fascinating information about the places in the photos so his presentation appealed to our intellect as well as our visual and artistic senses. As expected of course he peppered the talk liberally with humour, and included some very inviting food porn (which he described as delicious - apart from the wasabi which was not to his taste!).

Finishing with an AV presentation was a nice touch – allowing him to include more photos, some of which referred back to Part 1 and some of which were new to us. Altogether an excellent start to the season.