Website unavailable Friday 20th November

Date Published 
Thu 19 Nov 2020

Hi everyone,

I've had the following email from Findlay Design, our website hosts, regarding a server update tomorrow.

This means that if you want to upload anything for comps or galleries, then today would be best. It should only be unavailable for an hour or so, but sods law means that that is when you will want it!

Our hosting company needs to migrate our server to new hardware tomorrow Friday 20 Nov.

This will result in some down time on the server at some point between 9am and 5pm on Friday and your website will be unavailable. From their experience, they anticipate that this will be well under an hour, but it’s always an unknown. Access to any email accounts set up on our server for your website domain will also be unavailable.

To minimise the risk of data loss, I will put your website into maintenance mode around 8.30am on Friday and return it to live when the migration is complete.

I'll send out an update email tomorrow when the migration is complete.


Dont be surprised if, at first, the revamped site is a little slower - speaking from experience building and maintaining servers in a previous life, this change may well empty server host caches....

It's not important to know what that is, it's just a possible 'initial' side effect and mostly 'nowt' to worry about.

Submitted by m-h on Thu 19 Nov 2020 11:38am