David Cottrell masterclass on travel photography

Date Published 
Wed 24 Mar 2021

On 23rd March David took us on a photograpy trip to China - and what a trip. We were treated to a hugely varied range of images, all excellent in quality. There was culture, street photography, history, magnificent scenery, temples and markets and we were taught about the terracotta warriors, cookery, natural history of pandas, transport policy and rules - the list of subjects was endless. David delivered all this with humour and carefully planned flow from one subject to another: linkages any DJ would be proud of!
We all take photographs on our trips and holidays, and we all know how hard it is to match and marry the perceived need to record for our own memories of "where we are visiting" with our desires to "make beautiful images”. David showed us that it can be done, in a setting where the duration spent at each location is limited by the tour guide/schedule, where the angle from which to frame the image is limited by local rules and other visitors, and the weather is what it is on that day, and our understanding of what it is acceptable to photograph is constrained by our own cultural ignorance. 
Excellent travel photography, excellent repartee, excellent engagement of the audience: an excellent evening.


Excellent presentation I really enjoyed it thanks David

Submitted by rob-kenny on Wed 24 Mar 2021 5:42pm