Keith Archer judges the first "print" competition of the year.

Date Published 
Wed 11 Nov 2020

On Tuesday 10th November we had Keith Archer of Ryton Camera Club judging our first “print” competition of the year. (The print competition was, of course, a digital competition for this year!).

Keith had a daunting task as he had 59 members attending and 71 images to judge. Immediately it was apparent that Keith had spent some considerable time viewing and making notes on all of the images, as his comments were extremely wide ranging and comprehensive. Despite this, Keith rattled through the images at an impressive rate, yet nothing felt hurried or rushed. Keith had a wide gamut of images to judge. The various speakers we had had throughout the zoom sessions have obviously encouraged members to try new things and there was an impressive set of images which were more on the creative side than normal. These included double exposures, Pep Ventosa style treatments, and composites.

Congratulations to Peter Fawcett for winning with an impressive London landscape, (not a nature shot as you might have expected); to Mark Hunter for coming second with an extremely emotive image of a floral tribute; and to Joan Sheppard for her third placed image of a Mallard captured exquisitely in flight.


Well done winners and commended photographers