Sally Sallett - 'Never Underestimate an Old Lady with a Camera'

Date Published 
Tue 6 Jul 2021

Sally’s welcome return to the club last Tuesday was another benficial result of Zoom meetings enabling us to invite speakers who are not local to the Northeast. This time, she was able  to present some of her own work rather than judging ours, and her talk enthralled an appreciative audience who followed her journey from a family snapper to artistic maestro over ten years. Sally had first been an online guest at our club as a judge in the 2020-2021 season and her realistic and well-informed comments when judging were also evident for her presentation when she was not afraid to show images that had not found favour with judges over the years, and which were generally accompanied by the comment “well I like it anyway”.

Her approach to photography could best be described as having fun and her dry, witty comments throughout the talk reinforced that message and the photographic subjects covered a wide range of genres up to her obvious passion for composited images.

An excellent evening and the wide range of subjects were appreciated by everyone, especially those currently engaged in our Photoshop course!

Peter Maguire