Les forrester - The Art in Architecture

Date Published 
Thu 14 Jan 2021

Tuesday 12th January saw Les Forrester speak to us on “The Art in Architecture”. Connection problems meant that Les struggled for 15 minutes before being able to connect with us, but once connected, Les gave us a fascinating talk and some exceptional images.

The talk was structured into showing a lot of images taken from different viewpoints and with some extra ordinary post processing, some being turned into almost graphic art. Les then explained how he planned a trip, usually taking four days, three of which were carefully planned and one left spare to cater for unforeseen circumstances. Finally, Les showed how he imagined the final image and then talked through the post processing that achieved it. The final segment of the talk was further images, which were more readily understood with the process fully explained.

One point Les looked for almost universally was symmetry in the image. To this extent he would spend lots of time fine tuning his position to achieve this. This may also involve some post processing to involve artefacts which were not in fact symmetrical. The talk involved buildings from Valencia, Berlin, Hong Kong, Liege, and the UK. Many were transformed by post processing in black and white, but there also some lovely images of the train station in Liege which were almost pastel in shade.

A fascinating talk which the members fully appreciated, even those who were not really interested in this genre of photography.