Beaufort shared Dereliction set subject

Date Published 
Thu 22 Oct 2020

On Tuesday 20th October we met via zoom to critique “dereliction” images sent from our sister club Beaufort in South Carolina. Beaufort’s Sandy Dimke joined us (another benefit of the zoom format) to witness, share and clarify any misunderstandings. Peter Maguire showed a compilation of Beaufort's images and each was critiqued by a willing (!??!) volunteer member chosen at zero notice, after which many chipped in with further descriptions - it became a fun mass participation event. Using Arjun’s voxvote we identified “Wary Choices” as the winner, followed by “A little elbow grease” second, and “Henry Hutchinson house” in third, “Nobody home” in 4th and “Old Chevy truck” in 5th. Sandy said our comments closely resembled or matched the images’ judging in Beaufort itself which was pleasing and reassuring.

Peter then showed the Gosforth's “Dereliction” images as had been sent to Beaufort, whilst reading out Beaufort members’ critiques of them. This was a nice shrewd and informative set of descriptions. The Beaufort club had pre-sent ribbons in award for the following images : First was Graham Thorpe’s “Room with a view“, second Fred Lowes’ “End of the line“, third was George Piggott’s “Winding past the old flint mill“, and there were honourable mentions for Joan Sheppard’s “Quayside derelict pub“ and Peter’s own “All washed up”. Distribution of these ribbons will be deferred by our current Covid restrictions...

Thanks to all for participating in this fun evening, particularly to the “picked-on” individuals who critiqued valiantly and expertly! We are all ‘judges’ in our own heads after all but is another step to expose and share those views so publicly - well done. (Idse)