Nick's journey from Hell and Kamran's winning image

Date Published 
Wed 5 Oct 2022

Last night (04th October) we were entertained by Nick and Kamran, who had volunteered at short notice into an unavoidable programme change. 

Nick regaled a trip into the north of Scandinavia, starting in Norway, in a town called Hell, driving to the arctic circle in sweden, followed by a train journey to Stockholm (necessitated by a flight cancellation). The stuff of nightmares, described in the calmest manner. Nick showed lovely images of trains and nordic architecture which was both modern and ancient and frequently juxtaposed attractively. Nick had some lovely photographs of low sunlight in late evening, made convenient by being in the far north in midsummer when there is 24hr daylight. We were treated to some lovely use of colour and combinations of colour in Nick’s passion for scenery reflected in dressed windows. Then there were the waterfalls with rainbows in their spray – in those rivers not ‘harvested’ for hydroelectric power. Traffic was held up by reindeer with no concern for cars – nature mixed with influence of mankind. This was a very entertaining display of lovely travel imagery: Thank you Nick!

Then Kamran spoke about “how to make a winning picture” from a very long mileage trip down south to see a combination of archeology and landscape in seemingly very organised fashion. The winning picture though was a spontaneous photograph of his son’s hands holding sand moulded into the romantic shape of a heart. The image is worth its winning status, and Kamran explained how he had manipulated it from its original – with clever (or was that lucky?) use of an orange reflector-son’s-Tshirt! Beauty exists in the most mundane of scenes, but only if you see and pay attention with an open mind. Thanks Kamran!

We owe Nick and Kamran for stepping in and entertaining us. Apologies to the members in the Duke for the not-quite focused projector and to all for the technical glitch with audio from the pub, which was resolved but not until after Peter had started the meeting online. Both issues are being addressed.