Malcolm Blenkey judges our third DPI competition

Date Published 
Wed 3 Feb 2021

On Tuesday 2nd February we had Malcolm Blenkey of Saltburn Photographic Society judging our third round of the PDI competition. Malcolm is a long standing member of Saltburn, an associate of the RPS, is an accomplished landscape photographer and has had a number of images commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.


Malcolm had an unenviable task as we submitted 73 images to him, many landscapes, but also portraits, sports, nature, and a number of still life and creative images using double exposures and ICM.


Malcolm's comments were incisive and supportive. Given his landscape mastery, he was particularly keen on showing how alternative crops could be considered for some images, but he also pointed out where dodging and burning, or selective sharpening could be used. Given the number of images, Malcolm was also able to bring out these pointers in relatively short order, and the 90 minutes flew over. The top three images consisted of a nature shot, a landscape, and a portrait. Congratulations to Joan Sheppard for her winning kingfisher image, to Margaret Daley for her image of ClaerlaverockCastle and to Lesley Hughes for a fabulous portrait shot.