Canadian Rockies wth Alan and Pat Porrett

Date Published 
Wed 4 Nov 2020

Yesterday we had Alan and Pat Porrett of Whitley Bay Photographic Society giving us a talk on two trips they made through the Canadian Rockies. These trips were made in the spring of 2012 and the autumn of 2013 and were basically the same trip, so that it was very instructive to be able to see the same views in the different seasons. The water in the lakes and waterfalls were flowing significantly in the spring as this is mainly due to meltwater rather than rain. The autumn images had magnificent foliage.

Alan made clear that their holidays were really photographic trips masquerading as holidays, so although there were images of things like the National Day parades, they were all taken with a photographer's eye, rather than as tourist pictures. The description and images of going onto the glaciers were excellent, as was their images of the spiral cut train track through the mountains which had views of the train both entering the tunnell, and exiting it, in the same image.

Another excellent night, with 54 members attending.