News 2022-2023

How to find competition information
Posted on Thu 16 Feb 2023

I am aware that several members, both old and new, have wondered where to find competition information on the website. Members should login to find out below.

reports of Tynemouth visit, newcomers and knockout competitions
Posted on Fri 25 Nov 2022

On 15th November Tynemouth Photographic Society “visited” us at Gosforth with exciting presentations of their work. These exchanges are great fun and we are due to return the favour in March (Thursday 16th). We will have to pull our socks up to match them.

Sadly our pub-home was still...

urgent message and short reports for meetings held 18oct22 to 08nov22
Posted on Mon 14 Nov 2022

First an urgent message which you will also receive by email: the meeting on 15th November will be ZOOM ONLY(unexpected delays with work in the Duke of Wellington mean that we cannot use the room tomorrow).

To my regret I had to miss...

David Garthwaite: Fine Art photography, a workflow
Posted on Thu 22 Sep 2022

On Tuesday 20th we were addressed by David Garthwaite, speaking from Yorkshire via zoom to an audience of about 50 of us, spread half and half between the Duke of Wellington and on zoom.

David’s talk was titled “Fine art; a workflow”. David’s images are indeed that: fine art. He...

MC2 Photography: YouTube behind the scenes
Posted on Sat 17 Sep 2022

On Tuesday 13th September Ruth and Marcus from photography on-line ( presented to us via zoom. The majority of us attended in person at the Duke of Wellington and shared the talk from the screen – a dozen or so more attended on zoom.

The presentation was an...

Idse Herrema - Why photograph anything
Posted on Thu 8 Sep 2022

On Tuesday we kicked off the new season with our President’s address. This was entitled, Why Photograph Anything? Idse presented an informative and entertaining talk, which can be summed up as "take photographs because you enjoy them and look for beauty in the image".

As members appreciate...

The second half of 2022 summer school
Posted on Thu 25 Aug 2022

Summer school continued on 26th July with John Gravett’s talk about “creative” photography delivered over zoom and on screen in the pub. John demonstrated a series of techniques with polarisation and diffraction of light, using water and DVD discs, coloured straws with light and photoshop ‘...