Hybrid Pub and Zoom Meeting. Peter Maguire & David Cottrell on Macro

Tue 21 Jun 2022 7:30pm

The start of our Summer School season. Our very own members David & Peter will kick off with a presentation demonstrating Macro photography

The Duke of Wellington
20 Kenton Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne


Co[ied from Maggi's email of 18.0.22:

We'll start off with a talk on macro photography, which will be transmitted over Zoom (technology willing!)

 We'll then break into groups of about 4 people, with tables set up for macro photography. Members are therefore encouraged to bring their camera with whatever lens(es) they want to use (a standard "kit" zoom lens is fine but naturally macro lenses and/or extension tubes or close-up filters are even better.). A cable release is an advantage but not essential. Members can bring their own lights if they have anything suitable but we'll do our best to provide some too. Speedlights can be useful if available.  You will also need your tripod.  We'll bring a range of potential subjects (flowers, flies etc) but members can also bring their own subjects if they wish.

 If possible we'll try to stream some of the practical work over Zoom but we're not sure how well that will work or how useful it'll be.  We will be doing our best zoom-wise and we will be learning from our experiences as the course goes by.