Hybrid Pub & Zoom. Guest speaker Phil SAVOIE

Tue 9 Aug 2022 7:30pm

Guest speaker Phil SAVOIE from BBC Natural History Unit– Principles of Photography. Create images with impact!  A photographic journey of self-improvement.  Learn how to up your photo game with award-winning cameraman Phil Savoie.  This talk covers topics not often discussed from the science of our vision, lens testing & optical physics, eyeline and the psychology of perspective as well as the odd location war story.  The thrust of Principles of Photography is to share easy, practical shooting methods resulting in a noticeable improvement straight away. The aim is to educate, increase visual intelligence and inspire while having fun doing it. Pro tips for participants to grow as photographers- to produce higher image quality, advance storytelling and develop artistic acumen. Illustrated with local British images, covering all genres from landscape to sport, wildlife, people and astrophotography

The Duke of Wellington
20 Kenton Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne


A couple of flyers from Phil to support his Talk